Friday, January 9, 2015

The Age of Exploitation: The Legend

We are so exited that we have spotted new land. The crew and I wanted go to the new land and eat something that dose not taste like trash I would if someone lives there.
"I bet you 500 maravedis that people do NOT live there," said somebody.

"Your On!" I said.

Me and my friend met in a place called maddle blacksmiths back on the bet I know that I am going to louse because it looks like untoughed land. 

"People??" what the captain said.

"OOOO I win thanks for the money!" I said 

                          TO BE CONTINUED 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Age of Exploration: Bad luck

"Two cockroaches prefect COCKROACH FIGHT!" I called my Popeye and the  there will only be one victor and one failed. PING!! PING!! FIGHT!!!! Cock is going for the early strike cry cry someone was in pain.
"Whats wrong wimp?" said my opponent
"Why are we not there?" said the the crying man
"Man you are dramatic!" said my opponent again
"YESSSSSSSSS I WIN!" I said happy
"WHAT????!!!!...I want to fight again!!" said my opponent