Friday, October 24, 2014

Can Not Think

Dear, Readers

I hope you enjoy the story!!

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 Can Not Think

Staring at a computer screen and trying to think of something to write about. People around me are ready writing when I am just staring at some tape of screen and typewriter that needs internet just to make some words! I guess I can’t complain because a typewriter makes you start all over because you make one single mistake. No the evil teacher is coming by…
“Good job Joshi you are now writing” said the teacher.
“ Ok,” I said nervously that she will not read it.
“Good job buddy!” said my friend happy for me
“Thank you John I have been having a bad day I really am happy now,” I said a little happy.
“No problem,” he said like he was really helpful
“ARE YOU WRITING ABOUT ME!!” the teacher yelled
“Kind of,” I said nervous again
“Erase IT AT ONCE!!” The Teacher demanded
… click click click...
“FASTER” yelled the teacher
“Ok!” I said feeling pressure
“You are staying inside” said the teacher
I highlighted everything and erased everything. So From that day forward I never wrote about teachers again. I was so afraid to even ask to write about them.