Friday, September 26, 2014

Earths Changing Surface

Dear readers we have been learning about earthquakes and volcanoes.

Earthquakes are when two tectonic plates are scraping each other or trying to get past one to another. If you don't know what a earthquake is it is when the ground shakes in fact sometimes it can leave deep cracks when it is finished. Sometimes earthquakes can be so weak that we can not feel it, but sometimes they can be so dangerous that everything will be shaking and stuff will be braking. If you are wondering how is in earthquakes the same as tsunamis they are a tiny bit the same because underground the ocean their can be a earthquake under the water and that is what causes a tsunamis.


Volcanoes are deadly fountain that spits out lava. "An eruption can be slow, as when molten rock bubbles up though the crust. Other eruptions can be fast and powerful, spewing ash, hot gases, and rocks in all directions.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Nervous System

Hi, Readers

In Science I am learning about the nervous system! I am so exited!

The first fact I just learned  that the nervous system has wires that connect to the brain. The wire is what makes you feel something another way to say it is that the nervous system is your body's way of communication. This is why the wire is important.  For example if you hot then the wire sends the message to your brain that it burns and to remove your hand because your skin can't stand the heat.
The next thing I learned is about stimuli cored this is why you reacted to stuff for example if you are reading a book then you hear a explosion outside and look fast that is because your stimuli has reacted to what you have herd. Back to the nervous system the nervous system helps your organs work right and make you feel emotions like happy and exited and make you remember someones phone number or find the answer to a really hard math problem. Every second your nerves system the reason why your nerves system is without it the you will not be able to do not thing that you can do right now. You also have three important sensory neurons, interneuron's, and motor neurons. Your brain split in to two part right side of the brain controls the left side of your body when the left side of your body controls the right. This is how the brain is important.     

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Experiment 1

Dear, readers

I think it is a mixture because it had different kinds of food. Matter comes in three different states liquid,  gas, and solid you can also say anything that you can see feel or touch . You must be thinking how do I get all this intervention I got it for Discovery Education. You also must be thinking how to weight mass is using a scale. If you weight baseball on the moon then it will weight less then and Earth. Now you have background information let's get back to talking about my soil analysis As I said earlier, I am a environmental scientist. I found out it will be dangerous to build something on that soil because the soil was 96% was contaminated. Based on my resoles you will not be approved to build and that soil.     

Soil Sleuths Data Tracking Sheet